“La Cascina” Social Cooperative’s aim is to create job opportunities for people in social difficulties-those members of our community who have the misfortuneof being disabled (socially impared) and at the same time supported by their able-bodied colleagues within a normal situation. The money obtained by the cooperative is exclusively used to buy new equipment and to create job opportunity.

The alternatively skilled workers in the Seaside Resort of Desenzanino consists of five people throughout the year and twelve people throughout the main summer holiday period.
Development of general transferable skills Through work formation, Desenzanino Restaurant seeks to train otherwised skilled workers in areas of work that will be useful in their future lives.
Ultimately this formation will enable the worker’s exploration of his own interests and vocational aptitudes, allowing him to be accepted in the work market, planning the way for development and starting to live an independent life.
The aim of the Project is to allow and facilitate alternatively-skilled people to get work and to create a successful experience within a friendly atmosphere, thus providing a benefit to the work team and all whom they come into contact with.
The Desenzanino Restaurant experience clearly reveals that otherwised skilled people can work in a very professional way and are a resource in our society. They can make a positive contribution to build a more complete, mixed society – one which will offer joy, hope and understanding with all those who they come into contact with.
Our proposal is to work together to create jobs opportunities and promote a new culture about disability. At Restaurant Desenzanino, customers know the worker-members and appreciate their professionalism and high social aims of the project. This gives an added value to their lunch and dinner. This Project initiates the ambitious goal of increasing social awareness of the difficulties faced by people with physical, psychological and social handicaps.
Work Formation It is very important that the staff at the Restaurant can gain valuable experience working in a new and most worthy way. This will enable them to earn a sustainable living, awakening in them a sense of usefulness and value. The work within “La Cascina” Social Cooperative has the intention of enabling both normal skilled and disadvantaged people to understand the benefits from working with joint participation and communication as a team effort.